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    Thoughts on this setup

    Hi all,
    looking at this desktop at Sam’s:

    Will mostly be doing RPGs, mechwarrior, Fantasy Grounds VTT, Arkham series, Diablo, Star Wars games, etc.
    My current gaming desktop (dual display) is over 11 years old and is not upgradable to win11, the case is broken, etc. so it is time for an upgrade

    Or is there a way to build an equivalent or better system myself for the same amount?

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    Sorry for the tardy response, but going on the specs alone, it looks decent enough for light gaming at 1080P. The 12GB RTX 3060 (I specify 12GB because there's a weaker 8GB version of the RTX 3060) is perfectly fine for 1080P gaming, just don't expect to run AAA GPU intensive games at max ingame graphics settings, that is, be a little more realistic about your expectations and you should be fine.

    I'm NOT a big fan of nVidia, the RTX 3060 12GB is just decent enough for modern games, though I'd have liked to see something like the RX 6700 XT/6750 XT instead. Still, the 12GB on the RTX 3060 would ensure that it has better longevity over 8GB VRAM cards. As to whether it'd be better to build a new rig yourself, that depends on how much the parts are gonna cost you, if you wanna, list out the parts and price and we can run through the numbers, and specs...
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