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Thread: Fonts?

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    Post Fonts?

    hi all. question. how many fonts can photoshop or illustrator keep in its font list? i have 1000 fotns but phothsop and illustrator only displays 300 i htink! is there a way to get al lmy fonts to show up in these or any application? thanks.

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    Have you tried using a Font Managment System. Adobe ATM Deluxe is a good product. You should never have to have more than 300 fonts open. What publication used 300+ fonts? With ATM you can activate certain fonts while still keeping all on your system. Just activate the fonts you want for the project your working on. I would hate to have to scroll down a 1000+ fonts with a drop down list.

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    I like tropical fonts!

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    thanks for the idea! I am currently working on page layout for one employee tracking system, I think I will choose one of your fonts!

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